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  • Do you know what your liabilities are when developing or participating in Renewable Energy Projects?
  • Do you aim for a Risk Managed development of your project?
  • Do you know that through proper planning and preparation you can manage your project risks and realize significant savings?
  • Do you want to apply lessons learned or re-invent the wheel yourself?

Risk Mitigator has collected over 15 years of lessons learned in the Renewable Industry and made them available in an online application, that will allow you to quickly identify known risks and the mitigating measures taken at existing projects to control them. Actions can be allocated to responsible persons and progress monitored with the click of a button. New risks and new lessons learned can be fed back into the system assuring that the learning process continues.

Through a risk based management of your project you can realize significant savings from project conception through contracting and design to mobilization, construction and Operations & Maintenance.